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Thomas Anders' Benefiz Musical Gala
EXTRA, Koblenz
March, 16, 1997

It was a charity concert, and Thomas Anders with his band and with participation of Valerie Simmons, Amanda Witford-Laube, Barbara Johnson and a Philharmonic string orchestra represented a 2-hours program of the songs from the worldly known musicals and movies.

This enterprise was held under the patronage of the pastor Peter Bleeser and the Superintendent Klaus Schneidewind. All collected funds were sent as a support for the immunologist ambulance (AIDS clinic) Kemper Hof in Koblenz. The concert was held with a support of the radio NRJ and the Coca-Cola Company.beilie

На этом благотворительном концерте Томас Андерс с группой, при участии Валери Симмонс (Valerie Simmons), Аманды Витфорд-Лаубе (Amanda Witford-Laube), Барбары Джонсон (Barbara Johnson) и филармонического струнного ансамбля представили 2-часовую программу с композициями из всемирно известных мюзиклов и кинолент последних десятилетий.

Мероприятие проходило под покровительством настоятеля Петера Блезера (Peter Bleeser) и суперинтендента Клауса Шнайдевинда (Klaus Schneidewind), весь сбор от концерта пошел на поддержку развития иммунологической амбулатории (станции СПИДа) Kemper Hof в Кобленце.

Концерт состоялся при поддержке радиостанции NRJ и компании Coca Cola.Aliole

1.  Listen/Прослушать As If We Never Said Goodbye
(from the musical "Sunset Boulevard")
2. Musical-Memories, including:
  - Listen/Прослушать Music Of The Night
(from the musical "The Phantom of The Opera")
  - Listen/Прослушать Cabaret
(from the musical of the same name)
  - Listen/Прослушать If I Were A Rich Man
(from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof")
  - Listen/Прослушать Summertime
(from the musical "Porgy and Bess")
  - Listen/Прослушать I Could Have Danced All Night
(from the musical "My Fair Lady")
  - Listen/Прослушать The Phantom of The Opera
(from the musical of the same name)
duet with Valerie Simmons
3.  Listen/Прослушать Over The Rainbow
(from the movie "Wizard of OZ")
4.       Save you
5.  Listen/Прослушать Moon River
(from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany’s")
6.       When I Fall In Love
(from the movie "Sleepless In Seattle")
7.  Listen/Прослушать As Time Goes By
(from the musical "Everybody's Welcome")
8.       Sunset Boulevard
(from the musical of the same name)
9.  Listen/Прослушать With One Look
(from the musical "Sunset Boulevard")
10.      Out Here On My Own
(from the movie "Fame")
11.      I Dreamed a Dream
(from the musical "Les Misérables")
12.      Easy to Be Hard
(from the musical "Hair")
13.      People
(from the musical "Funny Girl")
14. Listen/Прослушать All I Ask Of You
(from the musical "The Phantom of The Opera")
15.      You There In The Back Row
(from the musical play "13 Days to Broadway"; Cy Coleman)
16.      Memory
(from the musical "Cats")
17. Walt Disney Medley
18. Listen/Прослушать Bui Doi
(from the musical "Miss Saigon")
19. Cole Porter Medley
20.      Why God Why?
(from the musical "Miss Saigon")
21. James Bond Medley, including:
   - Listen/Прослушать Goldfinger
(from the movie of the same name)
   - Listen/Прослушать For Your Eyes Only
(from the movie of the same name)
22. Listen/Прослушать I Wish You Love
(a cover of the Keely Smith song)

According to, SAT.1
Tracklist given by Claudia Kleinfeld
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