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Modern Talking - Let's Talk About Love (The 2nd Album)

1. Cheri Cheri Lady 3:45
2. With A Little Love 3:33
3. Wild Wild Water 4:17
4. You're The Lady Of My Heart 3:18
5. Just Like An Angel 3:13
6. Heaven Will Know 4:01
7. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 4:20
8. Why Did You Do It Just Tonight 4:21
9. Don't Give Up 3:18
10. Let's Talk About Love 3:53
Music & Lyrics: All Titles by Dieter Bohlen
Published by Hansa/Hanseatic
Special Thanks to: LUIS RODRIGUEZ


Produced & Arranged by DIETER BOHLEN
Art Direction & Photo Design: M. VORMSTEIN
Many thanks to our friends: BIRGER CORLEIS, ROLF KÖHLER, MICHAEL SCHOLZ, RALF STEMMANN, DETLEF WIEDEKE, ARNIE-STUDIO and all the fans of Modern Talking


© 10/1985 Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH 207 080 (LP) 610522 (CD) 407080 (MC) 259511 (Review CD)


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