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Thomas Anders & Jazzband - Live Concert

1. Paradise Cafe
(M.: Barry Manilow; L.: Bruce Sussman / Jack Feldman)
2. Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks
(M. Barry Manilow; L.: Johnny Mercer)
3. Just Remember
(M. Barry Manilow; L.: Johnny Mercer)
4. Fly Me To The Moon
(M. / L. Bart Howard)
5. When October Goes
(M. Barry Manilow; L.: Johnny Mercer)
6. How Do You Keep The Music Playing
Featuring Lilly Thonton
(M.: Michel LeGrand; L.: A. & M. Begmann)
7. Night and Day
(M. / L. Cole Porter)
8. Beyond The Sea
(M.: Charles Trenet; L. Jack Lawrence)
9. Moonlight In Vermont
(M.: Ben Black / Edwin H. Lemare; L.: Neil Moret)*
Only released to members of Thomas Anders Fanclub
* MISPRINT: The song actually was written by John Blackburn / Karl Suessdorf


Executive Producer: THOMAS ANDERS


Recorded live at BRASSERIE FAUSTUS


© 1997 Panteon PANT 244 AZ 1 01




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