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Slow Motion

[In The Garden Of Venus], 1987

Music & Lyrics Dieter Bohlen


My tears will never dry
Behind my painted smile
You are the nearest thing to heaven, girl
This world is not my home
Love in a danger zone
Some hearts are better left unbroken, girl

Slow motion, baby
Hold on tight
Slow-slow motion, baby
Deep inside
Slow-slow motion, baby
I got hooked on you
I know it isn't true

Slow motion, baby
Full of pride
Slow-slow motion, baby
I have cried
Slow-slow motion, baby
Cause only love knows why
I know I wanna die

Good love can never die
Inside my love's alive
Take it of him, my babe
They just don't need
Just when I needed you most
Oh babe, God only knows
I'm lost without your love in me, baby



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