Tribute to Thomas Anders

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A Foggy Day
Live in Showcase, Munstermaifeld, Germany, on March, 12, 2006
A song from the movie "A Damsel in Distress"
A Little At A Time
Down On Sunset, 1992
A Little Bit Of Lovin' (Goes A Long Long Way)
Souled, 1995
A Telegram To Your Heart
Modern Talking, In The Garden Of Venus, 1987
A Very Special Feeling
A Very Special Feeling (single), 2006
Aber bitte mit Sahne
Live at the Benefiz Schlager-Live-Party, EXTRA, Koblenz, on March, 1, 1998
A cover of the Udo Jürgens' song
Aber Heidschi Bumbeidschi
The very first song performed live by Thomas Anders, 1970
A German folksong
Across The World Tonigh
Down On Sunset, 1992
After Your Love Is Gone
Modern Talking, Year Of The Dragon, 2000
All Around The World
Songs Forever, 2006
A cover of the Lisa Stansfield's song
All At Once
Live at Thomas Anders Show, USSR, February, 1990
A cover of the Whitney Houston's song
All I Ask Of You
Live at the After Auction Live-Party, EXTRA, Koblenz, on May, 18, 1997
A song from the musical "The Phantom of The Opera"
All I Have
Modern Talking, Alone, 1999
All Out Of Love
Live in Sun City, South Africa, on April, 4, 1988
A cover of the Air Supply's song
Alle Jahre wieder
Live at Christmas Tour, December, 2007
A traditional German Christmas Song
Als hatt' ich nie Goodbye gesagt
Live in Mörz, Germany, on July, 12, 2003
A song from the musical "Sunset Boulevard"

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