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You Have Rescued Me

[Down On Sunset], 1992

Music: Mimmo Castelli, Chris Copperfield / Lyrics: Mike Shepstone, Chris Copperfield


I was alone, living a lie, losing my mind
Wondering why, I wasted my time, on dreamin'
Just when I thought I'd had enough, you came by
Taking my hand, you lifted me higher
Give me the strengh to survive

You, baby, you have rescued me
You bring out the best in me
You are the one I want to fly with
Love, it is now reality
It became true fantasy
And I'll love you for eternity

Walks in the park, laughs in the dark, feeling so high
Sharing today, who's caring about tomorrow
Can't get enough kissing and hugs, holding you tight
New love, it burns, mmm sets me on fire
Bringing my soul back to life



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