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Turn Around

[Down On Sunset], 1992

Music: Mimmo Castelli, Ralf Stemmann, Chris Copperfield / Lyrics: Mike Shepstone, Chris Copperfield


Sometimes we lose our way
And the world that we knew has gone
Isn't it strange how life can change
Nothing is real for long

So many things unsaid
And my logic left so confused
Am I naive when I believe
I'm still a part of you

Turn around, turn around
Step out of the night
Walk into the light
Let me know, let it show
That your love is real
And I'll be right by you side

Don't tell me you don't know
I can't carry these doubts for two
Fashioned by fate, why does love wit
To make the final move

How can I give you more
Without tearing myself apart
I'm just a man with simple plans
Suffering for my heart



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