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I Can Never Let You Go

[I Can Never Let You Go], 1988
Marc Cassandra/ Thomas Anders/ Jack White/ Charles Blackwell


There's shivers up my spine
New sensations in my mind
Every time you're near
Can't believe you're real
Can't believe the way I feel
Every time you're here
You must be an angel sent from up above
I'm in heaven every time we're makin' love

I can never let you go
The reason is: I love you so
I want all the world to know, baby
Holding you so close to me
Feels alright, it's destiny
I'll always love you tenderly, baby

Need you so much
Need your warm, magic touch
Every day
Just one special look
Then a smile, that's all it took
And you changed my life
Now everything I do
Every thought is just for you
How you've changed my life
Suddenly I'm in a land of make-belief
With your love there's nothing that I can't achieve

CHORUS (repeat to fade)



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