Tribute to Thomas Anders

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Mack The Knife
Live in Gronau, Germany, on November, 21, 1992
A song from "The Threepenny Opera"
Mädchen so wie du
Es war die Nacht der ersten Liebe (single), 1981
Fan Club by Thomas Anders CD, 2000
A cover of the Barry Manilow's song
Marathon Of Life
When Will I See You Again, 1993
Modern Talking, America, 2001
Mas Que Amor
Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) (single), 1991
Maybe I'm Dreaming
Whispers, 1991
Live at Thomas Anders Show, USSR, February, 1990
A song from the musical "Cats"
Live at the Benefiz Schlager-Live-Party, EXTRA, Koblenz, on March, 1, 1998
A cover of the Sir Douglas Quintet's / Michael Holm's song
Me Va, Me Va
Latin Medley, Live In Viña Del Mar, Chile, on February, 20, 1989
A cover of the Julio Iglesias' song
Mi Chica Prohibida
Barcos De Cristal, 1994
Souled, 1995
A cover of The Beatles' song
When Will I See You Again, 1993
Miedo de Ti
Barcos De Cristal, 1994

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