Tribute to Thomas Anders

    Music|Lyrics|Carry You With Me

Carry You With Me

[Souled], 1995

Music / Lyrics: Steve Plunkett / Mark Vogel


Words, whispered and true
Remain, when time fades away
Like an unspoken vow in the air
A silently powerful prayer
Passes between us to say
Your love is always there

I carry you with me
Like the past and the future
I know that you'll always be
Part of ev'ry tomorrow
I carry you with me

Life can be so unsure
Like clouds, that change with the wind
And I know that someday they'll be rain
But a love like this won't wash away
You're the truth written in my soul
That time can never change...

Oh Baby, where ever I go
You're never far away
Part of ev'ry tomorrow
I carry you



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