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Tonight Is The Night

[This Time], 2004
Martin Warnke & Ralph Suda


Tonight is the night
Take chance to make our dreams come true
Tonight is the night
Tonight is the night
Tonight, dont know where you are
I know youre my star
I feel it in the air
Youre my fantasy yet so real for me
Its time for a love affair
I know what I feel is more than a miracle
So beautiful
Its the right place
And the right time
I know you will be mine

Tonight is the night
I feel it inside
I know that we can take the chance
to make our dreams come true
I know it is you
And I wanna hold you tight
Tonight is the night
You know its alright
Will you stay with me until the morning light
Times on our side
Cause tonight will be the night

We can touch the sky
Together you and I
Come see were losing ground
Youre my destiny
And in your eyes I see
That love is all around
Did you know that life could be so wonderful
So magical
I wanna make you stay
I wanna hear you say
Lets dance the night away



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