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I'll Love You Forever

[When Will I See You Again], 1993
Max Di Carlo, Margaret Harris, Christian de Walden, Ralf Stemmann


I'll love you forever
Forever and ever more
I'll love you forever
Now I know what my heart beats for

It's been a time of endless change
Only one thing's remained the same
All I do know
Is I won't let go
I'll be with you
Oh, listen please, hear what I say
These emotions I don't give away
How can I prove
How much I want you
Got to have you
So tell me what can I do

This can't be just a one-way street
Without your love, I'm incomplete
Make this one vow
Just for me now
Say you will stay
It's certain there's no guarantee
One day hurtin', one day ecstasy
All I do know
Is I won't let go
I'll be with you
As long as you want me to

I'm waiting here so patiently
Something I want you to say to me
No goodbyes now
When we feel down
You'll be with me
Just hold me till the morning



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