Tribute to Thomas Anders

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Jet Airliner
Modern Talking, Romantic Warriors, 1987
Jingle Bells
Live at the "NO Sports" TV-show, N3, on December, 9, 1994
A traditional Christmas Carol
Judy (single), 1980
A cover of the Randy VanWarmer's song
Modern Talking, Victory, 2002
Jump Shout Boogie
Live in Zweibrücken, Germany, on July, 30, 2006
A cover of the Barry Manilow's song
Just Close Your Eyes
Modern Talking, Alone, 1999
Just Dream
Just Dream (single), 2004
Just Like An Angel
Modern Talking, Let's Talk About Love, 1985
Just Remember
Live Concert, 1997
A cover of the Barry Manilow's song
Just We Two (Mona Lisa)
Modern Talking, Ready For Romance, 1986

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