Tribute to Thomas Anders

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Rain In My Heart
Modern Talking, America, 2001
Reach Out
Olympia Medley, Live at Große Olympiashow, ZDF, on August, 12, 2004
A cover of the Giorgio Moroder's song
Ready For The Victory
Modern Talking, Victory, 2002
Riding On A White Swan
Modern Talking, In The Middle Of Nowhere, 1986
Road To Higher Love
Souled, 1995
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Live at the Red Square, Moscow, on September, 6, 2003
A duet with Scorpions
Romantic Warriors
Modern Talking, Romantic Warriors, 1987
Rouge Et Noir
Modern Talking, Alone, 1999
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Live at the Christmas Concert, Liebfrauenkirche, Koblenz, on December, 20, 1998
A cover of the Gene Autry's song
Run To You
Modern Talking, America, 2001

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