Tribute to Thomas Anders

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Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Live at Christmas Tour, December, 2007
A cover of the George Hall's song
Save Me - Don't Break Me
Modern Talking, Ready For Romance, 1986
Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen
Live at Christmas Tour, December, 2007
A traditional German Winter Song
Schütt' die Sorgen in ein Gläschen Wein
Live at Deutsche Fernseh-Lotterie, ARD, on April, 22, 2006
A traditional German song
Send Me A Letter From Heaven
Modern Talking, America, 2001
Sexy, Sexy Lover
Modern Talking, Alone, 1999
When Will I See You Again, 1993
Should I, Would I, Could I
Modern Talking, Universe, 2003
Slow Motion
Modern Talking, In The Garden Of Venus, 1987
SMS To My Heart
Modern Talking, America, 2001

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