Tribute to Thomas Anders

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Win The Race
Modern Talking, America, 2001
Winter Wonderland
Live at Christmas Concert, Rhein-Mosell-Halle, Koblenz, on December, 19, 2004
A cover of the Guy Lombardo's song
Witchqueen Of Eldorado
Modern Talking, America, 2001
With A Little Help From My Friends
Various, Live at "Ein Herz für Rußland", on October, 10, 1991
A cover of The Beatles' song
With A Little Love
Modern Talking, Let's Talk About Love, 1985
With One Look
Live at the After Auction Live-Party, EXTRA, Koblenz, on May, 18, 1997
A song from the musical "Sunset Boulevard"
Won't Forget These Days 06
Music Team Germany, Won't Forget These Days 06, 2006
A cover of the Fury In The Slaughterhouse's song
World Of Stars
This Time, 2004
Wovon träumst du denn (in seinen Armen)
Wovon träumst du denn (single), 1983

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