Tribute to Thomas Anders

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Walking In The Rain Of Paris
Modern Talking, Year Of The Dragon, 2000
Was macht das schon
Was macht das schon (single), 1983
A cover of the Real Life's song
ABBA Medley, Live at Thomas Anders Show, USSR, February, 1990
We Are Children Of The World
Modern Talking, Victory, 2002
We Are The World
Live in Sun City, South Africa, on April, 4, 1988
A cover of the Michael Jackson's and Lionel Richie's song
We Still Have Dreams
Modern Talking, Romantic Warriors, 1987
We Take The Chance
Modern Talking, Back For Good, 1998
What's Another Year
Live at the After Auction Live-Party, EXTRA, Koblenz, on April, 16, 1995
A cover of the Johnny Logan's song
When I Fall in Love
Live at the Benefiz Musical-Gala, EXTRA, Koblenz, on March, 16, 1997
A song from the movie "One Minute to Zero"
When October Goes
Live Concert, 1997
A cover of the Barry Manilow's song
When The Saints Go Marching In
Live in Budapest, Hungary, May, 1987
A traditional hospel hymn
When The Sky Rained Fire
Modern Talking, Victory, 2002
When Will I See You Again
When Will I See You Again, 1993
Featuring "The Three Degrees"
Where Do I Begin? (Love Story)
Live in Heilbronn, Germany, on June, 1, 2007
A song from the movie "Love Story"
Where Do I Go From Here
Live at the Fan Club Party, Koblenz, Germany, on February, 14, 2009
A cover of the Barry Manilow's song

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