Tribute to Thomas Anders

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Whispers Of Love
Whispers, 1991
White Christmas
Live at the Christmas Concert, Liebfrauenkirche, Koblenz, on December, 20, 1998
A cover of the Bing Crosby's song
Who Will Be There
Modern Talking, Universe, 2003
Who Will Love You Like I Do
Modern Talking, Victory, 2002
Who Will Save The World
Modern Talking, In The Garden Of Venus, 1987
Why Did You Do It Just Tonight?
Modern Talking, Let's Talk About Love, 1985
Why Does It Feel So Good
Modern Talking, America, 2001
(Why Don't You) See The Show Again
Live at the Fan Club Party, Koblenz, Germany, on January, 6, 2007
A cover of the Barry Manilow's song
Why God Why?
Live at the Benefiz Musical-Gala, EXTRA, Koblenz, on March, 16, 1997
A song from the musical "Miss Saigon"
Wie ein verbotener Kontinent
Heißkalter Engel (single), 1984
Wild Wild Water
Modern Talking, Let's Talk About Love, 1985
Will You Let Me Know?
Souled, 1995
Willst Du mit mir gehen?
Live at 5-Jahre Wochenshow, SAT.1, on May, 3, 1998
A cover of the Michael Jackson's song
Featuring Anke Engelke as Ricky

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